Have you noticed that your car isn’t handling as it should? Does it make funny noises during corners, wear tyres badly, or is simply plain uncomfortable to drive? Your suspension may require servicing.

Don’t leave your suspension unchecked for extended periods of time. A vehicle’s suspension is made up of many parts - it only takes one part to become worn for the whole setup to become unsafe and ineffective. This may lead to unfortunate, and completely avoidable, accidents.

A thorough inspection should be performed at every service, or prior to commencing any long journey, to help maintain optimum functioning of your suspension. At Hawkins Mechanical Repairs and Tyres, our qualified and experienced technicians specialise in a wide range of vehicle makes and models.

We can inspect your vehicle’s suspension and discuss with you, any potential repairs that need to be undertaken. Call us today on 02 4952 5833 or call in and see us at 50 Young Road, Lambton NSW 2299 to discuss your vehicle’s suspension needs.

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