If your vehicle’s battery is three years or older, Hawkins Mechanical Repairs and Tyres advise that you have it checked each year. This is a simple way to prevent the hassle of your vehicle not being able to start. The life of a vehicle’s battery depends on several factors, including correct installation, the climate in which your vehicle operates and how regularly you drive the vehicle.

If you have concerns about the battery in your vehicle, call into 50 Young Road, Lambton NSW 2299, where our experienced technicians will assess your battery. We are your battery experts in Lambton, Broadmeadow, Mayfield, Jesmond, Adamstown, Hamilton, Georgetown and Waratah. We can identify any potential issues with your vehicle’s battery and provide you with the best advice on the next steps required for maintaining your vehicle.

Hawkins Mechanical Repairs and Tyres stock batteries to fit most passenger cars, SUV, 4WD and light commercial vehicles. Our technicians can provide you with the right advice to make sure that you get the suitable battery for your needs. Come in and see us at 50 Young Road, Lambton NSW 2299 or give us a call on 02 4952 5833.

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